Sustainable business models and Industry 4.0 case studies

In 2022, we'll present Industry 4.0 technologies making the business more efficient and sustainable, as proven by a number of case studies involving Ukrainian and international companies. You will see how Industry 4.0 improves the competitiveness of businesses in the era of change.

The forum will bring together 800+ C-level executives and experts in the field of digital transformation, prepare businesses for the challenges of today and help them adapt to the economy of the future.

Sustainable business models
The European Green Deal is a strategy that will transform the EU into a resource-effective economy. What should be changed in our production models to build a sustainable future?
Effect of Industry 4.0 implementation
Case studies from Ukrainian and international companies revealing the effect of implementing Industry 4.0 technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twins, Predictive Maintenance and many more. Why and how do we digitally transform businesses? How to stay competitive compared to developed countries?
Industry 4.0 ecosystem
Industry 4.0 drives change in the principles of market competition. The world is evolving from "head-on" competition between separate companies to competition between ecosystems. They are releasing more innovative joint products based on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Big Data, Digital Twins, etc.
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